Massachusetts Rover Society is a new club for people who own/and or drive Land Rovers. It’s a positive outcome of the crazy shutdown period we have all found ourselves part of in 2020 and is intended to give Mass Rover owners a new meeting point to look forward to….

We’re getting this club (society!) off the ground to enable the community of Rover owners in Mass to meet and enjoy their Rover’s in beautiful New England, and hopefully beyond. We plan to have ad hoc meetups in different locations around Mass throughout the year to enable those from Boston to the Berkshires to be able to meet up with other like-minded people, go wheeling, exchange technical information or simply enjoy a beer together.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Land Rovers were first produced in 1948, and many models have come and gone during that time, some staying with us longer than others. This club welcomes all Land Rover owners regardless of age or type of vehicle they may own. Whilst leaning towards off-highway driving we will welcome you even if your vehicle has never ventured off-road, if you are in love with the green oval…..we’ll take you (yes even new Defender owners).

Club goals:

  • Allow club members to learn how to use their vehicles safely off-road. Through future adventures we expect members to be able to learn basic driving and recovery techniques as well as provide technical information to maintain or upgrade their vehicle for off-road use.

  • Promote adventure though some organized wheeling trips.

  • Promote and follow the tread lightly programs and principles.

  • Meet other like-minded individuals and have as much fun as possible.


We are kicking things off without any formal membership, we might request a nominal annual contribution in future to cover website costs and possibly some merchandise, let's see how things roll….