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winter romp 2020

Winter romp 2019 was an epic event - with a very special guest in the form of 'Oxford'. The event has its own website and FB page.... . Its an incredible gathering of Rover owners and not to be missed.

Concerns about lack of snow and thawing ground were unwarranted this year as temperatures on Saturday morning were around -15 Fahrenheit! Had a lot of trouble starting the 200 TDI...tried for 90 minutes and finally called a tow truck, the driver told me I was the 10th Land Rover he had been called to that morning and I should not worry as 'she was simply cold'. We persevered and he was right! Got to the staging field at Bruce Fowler's house and was invited to join a friendly group that helped me navigate the trails with plenty of advice and encouragement. A fantastic event with plenty of Massachusetts vehicles.

Vermont Overland bird watching safari 

VOBS  - Where over landing meets burning man! Hosted at the home of organiser Peter Voller's this is a truly unique event not to be missed. Explore Vermont's class 4 roads by day, and regroup in the evenings to enjoy great food and some of Vermont's finest beverages.

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